About Us


Darren Johnson – Owner

Darren was born to humble triffid farmers on a small planet near the Rigelian Nebula. Upon his birth his parents, for unknown reasons, placed him in a small intergalactic spacecraft and launched him into the dark reaches of the universe. As fate would have it, he landed in the deserts surrounding Phoneix, Arizona. Emerging from his life sustaining coccoon aged thirty some odd years and, thankfully, fully clothed, Darren went out to gather raw data regarding his new home. After a brief stint hosting the Late Show and using his super powers to save the world countless times from alien invaders along with his sidekick Richard Simmons, Darren decided to open a game store.

The Shop

The Imperial Outpost compound features luxury accomodations for the most discerning gamer. Along with our five-star eating establishment (the mini fridge or Arby’s across the parking lot), award winning spa facilities (the unisex bathroom), attentive concierge service (the guy at the register – maybe), Imperial prides itself on it’s nine, king size, mastercrafted, hardwood gaming tables (err… green gaming tables).